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Somerset Passivhaus

Cameraman Rob Franklin has just undertaken a challenging selfbuild project resulting in a newbuild ‘Finn-joist’ timberframe 4 bedroom house and office that has just been certified to the Passivhaus standard. The project was designed by Architectural Designer Luca Biselli and certified by WARM Associates, with the timber frame structure built by Greenheart Sustainable Construction. 

The project did not start out as a Passivhaus and Rob undertook a hands-on selfbuilder approach throughout the project. As a cameraman, Rob documented the build meticulously, which helped when it came to being able to provide documentation for Passivhaus certification.

The project has won the Somerset region LABC best individual home award and has been shortlisted for the South-West Regional Award.

MVHR heat recovery ventilation

21° designed, supplied and commissioned the MVHR system for the project. The project has a PAUL Novus 300 MVHR unit.

21° have been brilliant. From initial design to commissioning we have been supported throughout the process. 21° ave us good advice by dissuading us from using post-heaters, which simplified the design greatly. The MVHR system itself is excellent and we have not had any problems at all. The MVHR system is very quiet in fact so quiet that sometimes I have been concerned that it’s not on.

Rob Franklin

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