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We want to enable you to achieve the best you can in the context of your objectives and your resources. Good buildings are a comfortable temperature in winter and summer, are healthy to live in and don’t need much energy to achieve that, now or in the future.


Why good design matters

A practical review of your building plans with Director Bill Butcher, to help guide your project team to deliver energy efficient, up to Passivhaus standard, building projects. 

Our Design Review focuses on building professionals and their clients working on domestic residential projects helping them to meet PassivhausEnerPHit and AECB  low energy building standards.

The Design Review session offers peer review of detailed plans and normally involves the architect and or builder, with or without the client.  Bill Butcher particularly focuses on buildability and sequencing decision making, and the designing of practical detailing.  It takes advantage of Bill’s knowledge of Passivhaus low energy building and his experience of making it work on site, along with his experience of consulting on many projects and also teaching.  We encourage key members of the project team to join the session so that they can ask their own questions.  Having key members of the team also helps to enable a team approach, which we consider critical to a successful project.

What are the key features of Passivhaus?

Super insulation

Exterior insulation of a Passivhaus building to achieve a U value of less than 0.15 W/m2K

Stringent levels of airtightness

Air leakage through unsealed joints must be less than 0.6 air changes per hour @50 Pa (equivalent of an air permeability of less than 1m3/m2/h @50 Pa)

Minimal thermal bridging

Optimisation of passive solar gain

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Simple compact shape

Minimising the external surface of the building compared to the internal floor area.

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From triple-glazed and alu-clad windows and doors to exceptional solutions to MVHR, it all starts with finding out your exact requirements.

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