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Low energy design service

At 21°, we are committed to assisting self-builders in realising their dreams while surpassing the energy performance targets outlined by UK building regulations. Our Low Energy Design Service aims to empower architects and self-builders during the early stages of design by providing them with informed and quantified decisions regarding the building fabric specification.

Low energy design service

Why good design matters

Our Low energy design service includes crucial factors that feed into a building’s performance, such as U-values, windows, airtightness, and ventilation. Our approach involves generating an initial whole building energy model using the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP).

Whether your project is pursuing Passivhaus certification or not, leveraging PHPP offers an accurate and proven approach to whole house energy modelling. By extending this service to non-Passivhaus projects, we hope to make the benefits of Passivhaus principles accessible to a wider audience.

Our service sets an energy efficiency target equivalent to the AECB New Build standard as the minimum benchmark to aspire to. Intended for those serious about energy reduction, whilst prioritising your health and comfort,  you must be aiming to significantly exceed the insulation and airtightness requirements of building regulations.

What are the benefits of being energy-efficient?

Thermal insulation

Long-term cost savings

Cleaner, filtered air

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Year-round even temperature

Boosts energy efficiency

Take a step towards a more energy efficient home today

From triple-glazed and alu-clad windows and doors to exceptional solutions to MVHR, it all starts with finding out your exact requirements.

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