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Triple Glazed Bay Windows, Leeds

A draughty Edwardian detached house has been transformed into a warm and comfortable space, thanks to a range of external and internal insulation measures and use of PERFORMANCE triple glazed timber windows and doors from 21°. The original windows included 4 bay windows and had single glazing, with some secondary glazing, and were mostly unopenable and painted fixed shut.

Triple glazed timber windows & doors

21°’s PERFORMANCE triple glazed entrance doors and inward opening tilt & turn windows were specified for the renovation project.

We chose the PERFORMANCE range from 21° because the windows were of a high quality and the price fitted our budget. We wanted the best windows we could find. We were installing other insulation measures in the house and didn’t want to spoil the effect by installing poorly performing windows. We’re really pleased with the windows and doors from 21°. The house is now warm and easy to heat and the triple glazing also helps make the house feel really quiet, despite living near some busy roads and ‘rat runs'.


Bay windows

The Edwardian house features 4 large non-standard hand-finished asymmetrical bay windows and so care was needed to get the exact sizing and shape.

From the outset we knew that the bay windows would be complicated, so we wanted to have the windows fitted by experienced joiners and not just window fitters. 21°’s fitting team are all experienced joiners and they did an incredibly good job in a difficult setting.


Personal service
It was good to deal with a company that offered personalised service and we developed a good relationship with 21°’s fitting team and those back in the office. The fitting team were really flexible about the timings of removing the old windows and installing the new ones, so that we could install the new windows in conjunction with our external wall insulation.


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