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Lancaster Cohousing scheme

Lancaster Cohousing is a Passivhaus housing development comprising 41 private houses in a car-free site, alongside shared community facilities including a common house, laundry, orchard, gardens, children’s room and play areas, and on-site work spaces for rent. This owner-occupied project evolved through a participatory design process with the individual householders and EcoArc Architects.

21° MVHR systems & water saving sanitaryware were specified for the award-winning housing development.

Designing the MVHR ventilation system

EcoArc Architects worked closely with M & E consultant Alan Clarke to develop an M & E schematic for the project. Quite early on in the project Green Building Store MVHR Technical Consultant Andrew Farr was brought in to help design and support the delivery of the MVHR systems for the project.

We are big fans of the PAUL MVHR systems which Green Building Store supply. In addition, the technical expertise of Andrew Farr & Green Building Store’s MVHR department meant that it made complete sense to use Green Building Store for our MVHR systems at the project. We felt that we were working among trusted friends and suppliers with whom we could feel confident in the price and straight and honest dealings.

Andrew Yeats, Director of EcoArc Architects

MVHR ‘silent in operation’

21° designed, supplied and commissioned PAUL Focus 200 MVHR units to all 41 of the homes on site. In addition members of the MVHR team came on site to offer training to the sub-contractors fitting the MVHR systems, to help them correctly insulate intake ducts etc. Green Building Store is involved in aftercare at the project and is currently carrying out a research project with Alan Clarke at one of the houses, monitoring the effectiveness of humidity recovery heat exchangers.

We are also big fans of 21°s water saving products which have proved very robust and reliable on many projects we have worked on

Andrew Yeats

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